BERLIN BOUND - Isobel Daws secures place at Karajan Academy

Issue 6125

SCOTTISH FUNDING - SBBA receives Creative Scotland award

CONTEST CANCELLED - West of England Regionals off

CURTAIN RISING - RNCM Festival set for take-off

PUSHED BACK - Australian Nationals postponed


New conductor at Reg Vardy

Friday 21 January, 2022 The Reg Vardy Band has appointed Chris Shanks to the position of resident conductor, following the departure of John Roberts due to family and work commitments. Read full article

Late changes for 2022 RNCM Festival

Wednesday 19 January, 2022 The RNCM Brass Band Festival has been given the green light to proceed in 2022 – but the prestigious event has undergone a late reshuffle amid continued disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read full article

AmJam set for take-off

Tuesday 18 January, 2022 The progress continues for the successful Amersham Band organisation, which is celebrating the launch of a new strand – with members welcome. Read full article


Brass bands and the railways

Thursday 13 January, 2022 Brass bands and the railways have long been entwined. From bands marking significant milestones on railways to trains carrying bandspeople up and down the land, the two have been inextricably linked from the early days of the musical form. Read full article

Magnificent seven

Sunday 5 December, 2021 Eoin Tonner looks back at the Scottish Open, while Helen Douthwaite-Teasdale reflects on the Band Supplies Scottish Challenge. Read full article

The brass band time capsule - Gwyn Thomas

Thursday 18 November, 2021 Gwyn Thomas caught the banding bug as an eight-year-old sitting in the audience at the National Brass Band Championships. Twenty-seven years later, he would play a major role in a win at the same event that would seal his band’s place in the history books. Read full article