CROSSING MUSICAL BORDERS - British Bandsman talks to tenor horn virtuoso Owen Farr

Issue 6013

SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE - John Wallace discusses pieces that have played a significant part in his life

A BAND OF THEIR OWN - How the all-female US-based Athena Brass Band came into being


Child Performance Licensing - how will it affect your band?

Friday 1 February, 2019 As bands prepare for the most intense part of the contest season, Brass Bands England wants to help them to ensure that they are on the right side of the law regarding Child Performance Licensing requirements. The need for Child Performance Licenses is becoming more relevant as local authorities begin to clamp down on the rules, and if your band has anyone under the age of 16 then you are advised to act now in order to be compliant. BBE’s Development Manager Alex Parker explains why. Read full article
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