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Issue 6140

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Results: 2022 European Brass Band Championships

Sunday 1 May, 2022

Issue 6137 digital April 28, 2022

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Championship Section

Set work adjudicators: Garry Cutt, Katrina Marzella and Erik Janssen

Own-choice adjudicators: Arvid Anthun, Christophe Jeanbourquin and Jan de Haan 

Test-piece: Saints Triumphant and own-choice
Set work/own-choice = total

1) Cory Band (Wales) Philip Harper 98/94=192
2) Valaisia Brass Band (Switzerland) Arsène Duc 93/98=191
3) Foden's Band (England) Russell Gray 94/96=190
4) Tredegar Band (Wales) Ian Porthouse 96/92=188*
5) Stavanger Brass Band (Norway) Allan Withington 95/93=188
6) Hauts-de-France Brass Band (France) Luc Vertommen 91/97=188
7) Brass Band Schoonhoven (Netherlands) Paul Holland 90/95=185
8) 3BA Concert Band (German) Corsin Tuor 92/88=180
9) the cooperation band (Scotland) Michael Fowles 89/89=178
10) Göta Brass Band (Sweden) Michael Thomsen 87/90=177
11) Brass Band Oberösterreich (Austria) Gunther Reisegger 88/87=175

* Set work takes precedence in event of a tie


Challenge Section

Adjudicators: Garry Cutt, Katrina Marzella and Erik Janssen

Test-piece: Variations for Brass Band and own-choice

1) Brass Band Regensburg (Germany) Thomas Freiss 91
2) Brassband Überetsch (Italy) Johann Finatzer 90
3) Hebden Bridge Band (England) Christopher Binns 89
4) Downshire Brass (Northern Ireland) Michael Alcorn 88