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Bathgate Youth set for ambitious challenge

Monday 10 January, 2022

After the doom, gloom and despondency of the past two years, Bathgate Youth Band has come up with an inspiring New Year resolution – to complete 22 performances in 2022.

The West Lothian organisation is moving full steam ahead with the idea, which it hopes will put a spring in the step of players and audiences alike.

The exciting plan comes after a challenging period for the band, with many of its scheduled performances cancelled because of the pandemic and the associated restrictions.

Derek Brown, president of Bathgate Youth Band, said: “COVID-19 cancelled almost all of our planned activities in 2020 and 2021 but we have no intention of letting it spoil 2022 if we can possibly avoid it.

“We are calling our initiative 22in22 and it will take the form of a mixture of small outdoor performances, in our community, as well as the usual programme of concerts and contests the band would normally attend.”

Plans for the first performance are well underway and will be shared in due course. Follow Bathgate Youth Band’s progress by using the hashtag #22in22 to find out more.

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