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Issue 6112

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Lane and Mead to celebrate sounds of cinemas past

Thursday 14 October, 2021

A new pop-up performance in Bristol is to celebrate the sounds and memories of the cinemas of years gone by – and will have brass at its core.

Euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead is among the performers in Ghost Cinemas, the brainchild of composers Liz Lane and Mark Vasey, who have been exploring the ghost cinemas of Bristol, whose buildings now have other uses, including warehouses, pubs, supermarkets and a climbing centre.

The pop-up musical performance brings together the research, road trips, visits and memories of local residents to highlight the fascinating social history of these spaces. The performance on Saturday, October 16 will last for 30 minutes. It features music by Liz Lane and Wurley Bird soundscapes by Mark Vasey; euphonium (Steven Mead); Bollywood inspired melodies and voice (Dildar Singh); poems and narration (Ronald Brooks); mandolin and voice/guitar [Nick and Imralis – Redpoint Bristol].

The Wurley Bird is used in conjunction with a modular synth to modulate control voltage. It uses spinning sensors that can see ambient light to control parameters of a synthesiser by scanning the environment; once it is controlling the synth it can start to generate and influence its own compositions or modulate existing recordings.

The programme at Redpoint Climbing Centre, Bristol, is presented as part of Opening Up the Magic Box, a heritage element of Film 2021 which marks the centenary of the death of Bristol-born film pioneer William Friese-Greene and the 125th anniversary of the first public cinema screening in Bristol, which took place at the Tivoli on June 8, 1896, as well as celebrating Bristol, a UNESCO City of Film since 2017.

Register for the event at Eventbrite.