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Joyous return for Borders youngsters

Friday 8 October, 2021

Music and laughter filled the air recently as the Scottish Borders Brass Band Association (SBBBA) hosted its first brass and percussion workshop in two years.

The town of Jedburgh played host to the event, which welcomed 38 young people from all over the Scottish Borders. Two bands were formed under the enthusiastic batons of Alan Fernie and Stuart Black.

Bop Doo Wah and When a Pirate met a Shark, both by Gareth Bowman, Busy Bodies, and Kipper Soup and Blue Cheese from Alan Fernie’s Three Course Dinner suite were particular favourites amongst the less experienced B Band. A few young folk also tried their hand at conducting under the watchful eye of conductor, Stuart. Richard Strauss’ Festmusik kicked off the day for the A Band with Alan in the middle. The melodic Rolling Hills of Home by Alan, Songs for Leigh by Iain Mundy, and the dark Avengers – Portals (Silvestri) by Alan also proved a hit.

A spokesperson for the SBBBA commented: “This workshop was a celebration, a wonderful opportunity to rekindle and make new brass band friendships whilst rejoicing in the fact that these young people were able to come together again after such a long time and do what they love best: play music.”

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