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Gary Fountain signs on at Youth Brass 2000

Monday 20 September, 2021

Youth Brass 2000 has appointed Gary Fountain to the role of resident conductor. He will work alongside the organisation’s artistic director of music, Chris Jeans.

The renowned soprano cornetist has earned a glowing reputation for his musical endeavours, including his work as an educator, and joins the East Midlands band as it continues its return to in-person music making following the COVID-enforced break.

Don Collins, chairman of Youth Brass 2000, commented: “After several months of persuading and deliberating, Youth Brass 2000 is thrilled to announce the appointment of Gary Fountain to the position of resident conductor to work alongside our artistic director of music, Chris Jeans.

“Gary is a person and a player for whom we have had huge respect for many years, and of course with a connection that goes back to a time when his sons James and Thomas held principal cornet positions within the band. Gary has an incredible list of personal playing highlights and a remarkable history of training young brass players over many years. This appointment completes our dream team and we really can't wait to see what the future holds.”

Speaking of the appointment, artistic director of music Chris Jeans commented: “Gary Fountain has earned a reputation as one of the finest, top-class soprano cornet players in the world, and it was immediately clear for me that he was the perfect choice for the resident conductor position at Youth Brass 2000.

“I am sure with Gary’s input, the future of the band will be in very safe hands. He will instil in our young musicians a brilliant grounding, creative qualities and excellent performance skills. I know he will help the younger and older musicians to connect with themselves and others by encouraging communication through their musical development. I am so pleased that Gary is on board and really looking forward to the journey.”