FORMIDABLE FODEN'S - Full coverage from the 2021 National Brass Band Championships

Issue 6112

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Support welcome at NYBBS

Wednesday 25 August, 2021

Anyone who enjoyed the recent live-streamed concert by the three bands of the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) to mark the end of their summer residential course in Strathallan, Perthshire, is now able to make a monetary contribution to support the ongoing development of the country’s young brass musicians.

The Scottish Brass Band Association (SBBA) has launched a fundraising campaign which will continue to promote the work of NYBBS now that the restrictions from COVID-19 are gradually being lifted.

“I have been overwhelmed by the kind words and positivity shared by families, players and staff of NYBBS 21,” said course coordinator and SBBA president Carrie Boax.

“It has made all of the extra planning and worry so worthwhile and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

This year’s course saw the three NYBBS – Children’s, Reserve and Senior – bands in separate bubbles requiring the players to be accommodated in three different residential units with music staff housed in a separate win of one of the boarding houses. Further measures included the completion of COVID disclaimer forms, regular temperature checks and the use of bell covers on all instruments.

Anyone keen to support the work of the National Youth Brass Bands of Scotland can now log on to JustGiving and search for NYBBS 2021, where they will be able to make a donation to support the continued work of the organisation in offering opportunities to young brass and percussion players from across Scotland.