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South West solo success

Wednesday 30 June, 2021

Around 150 musicians have showcased their solo and ensemble skills as part of an innovative online competition organised by the South West Brass Band Association (SWBBA).

The recent event was sponsored by Trevada Music and welcomed entries from around the world, including Norway and the USA, with adjudicator Steve Sykes running the rule over competitors’ videos, which were submitted in advance.

John Woods, vice-chairman of SWBBA, said: “The whole experience was different for everyone, not only the SWBBA organising team but also the soloists, our adjudicator and our online virtual audience.

“It has been a goal of SWBBA to re-establish a solo and quartet event and the pandemic enabled this to become a reality. Many congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who took part. Without such a great response from brass and percussion players, the event would not have been able to run.

“Our organising team of Gill, Jackie and Tracey are to be congratulated on making this happen with technical support from Stu Rogers and Paul Field.”

Feedback on the event is welcome: email The videos are still available to watch at the SWBBA YouTube channel.


Class 1a: Slow Melody 9yrs and under (11 entries)
1st: Charlotte Corbin
2nd: Bertie Barzilla
3rd: Elsie Crane

Class 1b: Slow Melody 10-12yrs (27 entries)
1st: Michael MacDonald
2nd: Phoebe Jones
3rd: Natasha Duggleby

Class 2: Slow Melody 15yrs and under (18 entries)
1st: Morgan Phillips
2nd: Toula Thomas
3rd: Chloe Hargreaves

Class 3: Slow Melody 18yrs and under (15 entries)
1st: Lia Teague
2nd: Megan Newberry
3rd: Frederik Elgelsen

Class 4: Percussion 18yrs and under (5 entries)
1st: Jordan Ashman
2nd: Reuben Hesser
3rd: Callum Hathaway

Class 5: Air Varie 18yrs and under (10 entries)
1st: Nadia James
2nd: Lia Teague
3rd: Megan Newberry

Class 6: Duet 18yrs and under (9 entries)
1st: Megan Newberry and Lia Teague
2nd: Millie and Robert Davenport
3rd: Maddie Jones and Loveday Davies

Class 7: Quartet 18yrs and under (1 entry)
1st: Bodmin Youth Band

Class 8: Slow Melody Open (36 entries)
1st: Nicola Shaw
2nd: Lia Teague
3rd: Frederik Engelsen

Class 9: Air Varie Open (24 entries)
1st: Nicola Shaw
2nd: Thomas Dunne
3rd: Hannah Hawken

Class 10: Percussion Open (2 entries)

1st: Jordan Ashman
2nd: Reuben Hesser

Class 11: Duet Open (13 entries)
1st: Morgan and Richard Hart
2nd: Samantha Ford and Thomas Dunne
3rd: Alister Rowe and Judith Hayes

Class 12: Quartet Open (8 entries)
1st: Northern Quarters
2nd: Quasi Horn Quartet
3rd: Shirley Band Tuba Quartet

Class 13: Ensemble Open (4 entries)
1st: Sherborne Town Band Ensemble
2nd: Ringwood & Burley Band Ensemble 1
=3rd: Ringwood & Burley Band Ensemble 2
=3rd: Carharrack & St Day Training Band

Special Awards

Most Promising player in classes 1a, 1b and 2: Simon Godfrey
Best Solo Performance in classes 3, 5, 8 and 9: Lia Teague
Most Promising Trombone Player under 18yrs: Charlotte Corbin
Most Promising Tuba player under 18yrs: Leoni Tissie
Best Trombone Overall: Dylan Brewer
Best Tuba Overall: Morgan Hart