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Sound of brass alive and well in Germany

Monday 28 June, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put paid to a lot of brass music making in Germany over the past few months but there was a welcome return to action for many players recently as part of a packed, one-day course.

The Sounds of Brass event was squeezed into a day to help adhere to ongoing restrictions but participants at the event on June 19 were still able to immerse themselves in a host of musical activities.

Led by Alexander Richter, conductor of Brass Band BechKlang and principal trumpet of the Clara Schumann Philharmonic Orchestra, the course took place in Michaelstein Abbey and began with a joint warm-up, featuring a variety of breathing and playing exercises. Players began to gel quickly, focusing on the principles of good ensemble playing, while playing a wide variety of repertoire.

Alexander Richter commented: “What the participants achieved in just one day is simply unbelievable. “Even before the lunch break, you could experience the proverbial living organ – the ideal sound of any brass band – here in the music barn of the monastery and that with musicians, some of whom were playing together in this line-up for the first time.” 

Perhaps it was appropriate that the course rounded off with the band performing Léon Boëllmann’s Suite Gothique, a piece originally composed for organ.

Alexander added: “The Kloster Brass Band is back on track. “Many thanks to the Saxony-Anhalt Cultural Foundation and the organisational team led by Petra Penning.”