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Wingates to create Fireworks at Best of Brass

Thursday 24 June, 2021

A piece which remains a major part of Wingates Band’s history is to form the centrepiece of its programme at the 2021 Best of Brass Festival.

Fireworks, from the pen of Elgar Howarth, propelled the band to victory at the British Open in 1975, under the baton of Richard Evans. Now Wingates is preparing to perform the iconic piece at the festival in Halifax on Saturday, July 3, with Richard taking on the role of narrator while Paul Andrews conducts.

The performance will be available to hear for the audience in the Victoria Theatre, as well as those watching at home via the live stream. Also set to feature in the programme is a world premiere by composer Adam Taylor, Chant des Oiseaux, who also arranges some other fabulous items in a programme that combines a mixture of new and old.

The full programme is:
1)    Korobeiniki Russian (Traditional/arr. Adam DJ Taylor)
2)    Fireworks (Elgar Howarth)
3)     Dimitri (Rodney Newton) Flugel soloist: Nicóla Shaw
4)    Millionaires Waltz (Queen/arr. Adam DJ Taylor)
5)    The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (C Debussy/arr. Howard Snell)
6)    Samum (C Robrecht / arr. B Dawson)
7)    Chant des Oiseaux (Adam DJ Taylor)
8)    The Ayres of Agincourt (R Meyer/arr. Adam DJ Taylor)

Tickets for the one day festival are available from the Victoria Theatre Box Office.