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Brass band cohort out for German contest success

Monday 8 March, 2021

Germany's biggest competition for young musicians, Jugend musiziert (Youth Makes Music) is to proceed digitally in 2021, with brass band competitors among those looking to come out on top.

Participants from all over the country are being invited to send in their contribution in the form of a video. A jury will then decide whether they will be forwarded to the national competition. Among the participants this year will be some students from the KLANGwelt orchestra school, competing in the otherwise classical competition with brass band instruments, still considered ‘exotic’ to many German audiences.

The three students, Teresa Fischer (tenor horn), Gustav Nitsche (trumpet) and Johannes Stoll (cornet/soprano cornet) have already been studying for several years in the KLANGwelt orchestra school of the Blasmusikverein Carl Zeiss Jena eV. Teresa and Johannes successfully participated in the European Youth Brass Band Championships in Montreux with the Jugend Brass Band BlechKLANG and now sit in leading positions in the Brass Band BlechKLANG. Gustav plays enthusiastically in the entry-level formation MiniKIDS.

All the activities are supported by the work of the Competence Centre for Brass Band Jena.

Alexander Richter, KLANGwelt teacher, artistic director of the Competence Centre and conductor of the Brass Band BlechKLANG, has prepared his protégés intensively for the competition. He said: “The pandemic has presented us with major problems since the beginning but we have been able to find creative solutions. Both the individual lessons with the students and the tutti rehearsals are done completely digitally, which has given us a way to continue making music and working together. In any case, at the moment it is all the more important to generate concrete practising goals and thus motivation.

“I am very excited to see to what extent we can repeat our success from 2018, when Teresa was the first tenor horn player ever to reach the national competition, where she earned second place. I am very pleased that we will once again enrich the competition with the special timbres of our brass band instruments.”

Youth makes music has been staged for soloists and chamber ensembles since 1963. Anyone who receives private music tuition or is taught at a music school or a secondary school can take part.