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Brass Bands Archive on lookout for volunteer support

Tuesday 23 February, 2021

Helpers are being sought to support cataloguing of the Brass Band Archive ahead of its move to a new home in the University of Huddersfield’s Heritage Quay archives collection.

Volunteers will work with the project’s full-time archivists on a number of different roles that will prepare the archive for its reopening to researchers and the public. Roles will include supporting the organising and packaging of music, along with contributing specialist knowledge required to validate artefacts of relevance to the cultural heritage of the brass band community. Some positions will require travel to the BBE offices in Barnsley, to work with the physical collection. Others involve digital tasks that can be carried out remotely.

Some roles will require specialist knowledge and will suit those who want to share their expertise and experience of brass banding. There are also non-specialist roles available for candidates seeking an opportunity to learn about brass band history.

Roles can be carried out flexibly depending on availability, although most roles will require some ability to operate partially within office hours. It is expected that volunteers will be able to offer regular time to the project, although this could be carried out in single longer periods for those located further afield. The number of roles will be limited depending on the available time candidates offer to ensure Covid-safe working practices are maintained at all times whilst working in the BBE offices. 

Volunteers will receive expenses payments to cover travel and subsistence when required for the role. Training on using necessary equipment will be provided. Applicants are asked to get in touch as soon as possible.

The full job description can be found at the BBE website. Applications can be made to, enclosing a letter of application.