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BBE bringing back the brass

Saturday 20 February, 2021

Youth bands trying to reconnect with their members are to be supported by Brass Bands England as part of its newly-launched Brass Foundations programme.

The next stage of the programme, which launched in January, will be a free webinar (£5 for non-members) featuring three of BBE's youth development brass specialists.

Taking place on Thursday, March 4 at 7pm, Paul Fisher, Deirdre Waller-Box and Helen Minshall will explore the challenges and the potential of working with young people online. Over the past year, many youth bands and ensembles have ventured into the unknown and taken their rehearsals online.

For those who haven't taken the leap, the interactive session should provide the tools needed to get started. It will cover the complexities of playing together virtually, help prepare for an online rehearsal and explain how BBE can help further develop a band’s online offer.

BBE’s education and development manager Sarah Baumann commented: “BBE Brass Foundations launched a month ago and our five new youth development brass specialists have been doing incredible work despite being limited by COVID-19 restrictions.

“One area that many leaders of youth bands have requested support for is running online rehearsals, in particular from bands who haven’t been running regular sessions throughout the last year.

“In this webinar we want to empower youth band leaders who haven't ventured online yet to re-engage with the young people in their band before we return to in-person rehearsals.”

Book a place on the Brass Foundations webinar via the BBE website.