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Brass Bands Wales sets sights on virtual library

Saturday 28 November, 2020

The recently-established BandiauPres Cymru — Brass Bands Wales is to shine a spotlight on works emanating from the country as part of ambitious plans to develop a virtual archive.

The organisation is keen to hear from any bands with works by Welsh composers and those with compositions commissioned by Welsh bands. Once the necessary permissions have been secured, it is hoped the resource will be of use to bands when planning and performing concerts and recordings. There are also plans for the archive to act as an important research tool for students and brass band historians.

Commenting on the initiative, spokesperson Christopher Bond said: “It's an ambitious plan, but one we think we can quickly make progress with. Most bands in Wales have had at least one work written for them at some time in their history — from marches and solos to concert works and even test-pieces.

“Our first aim is to establish who wrote these works, for what purpose and where they are being held so that they are not lost over the passing of time to the Welsh banding movement and the wider banding world.”

He added: “We're asking bands to have a search through their libraries and see what they have. Wales has produced many fine composers for the medium and we think it's vitally important that their work isn't lost and can hopefully be performed on a regular basis once more.

“Getting things catalogued is a first step, but in future we eventually hope to get funding to provide a virtual library of the works that can be accessed for the benefit of all bands.”

Those who discover a piece of interest to the virtual library are encouraged to get in touch: Meanwhile, Brass Bands Wales has thanked three members of the inaugural steering group for their contributions in helping create the foundation to set up the organisation.

A spokesperson said: “Our thanks go to Craig Roberts, Chris Williams and Christopher Turner who provided vital impetus for the direction and formal development of BandiauPres Cymru/Brass Bands Wales.

“It has enabled us to make further progress and we hope we will be able to work with them and benefit from their experience and expertise in the future. We wish them well in their future endeavours, but it also enables us to look to invite others who have a passion and desire to help us create a vibrant future for Welsh banding to come on board.”

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