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Dobson online store goes live

Friday 13 November, 2020

The music of composer Simon Dobson is now even easier to access following the launch of a dedicated online store.

The Cornish composer, who is a three-time recipient of a British Composer Award, has made available most of his back catalogue of unpublished works for purchase and download. Buyers will find an extensive array of music for varying levels of experience and ability.

Commenting on the venture, Simon Dobson said: “I'm extremely proud to be able to offer almost my entire back catalogue of unpublished works for purchase and download. I probably should have done this years ago, and lord knows it was a ton of work to get it together, but honestly being a composer right now is a precarious place. Putting out these pieces is a way for me to possibly bring in a little revenue and continue my career – and not retrain.”

Simon began his career as a composer and after studying with a scholarship at the Royal College of Music in London, he has worked to commission for the past 15 years. His arrangements have been featured at the Proms and his works for wind and brass have been performed countless times around the world, earning him three British Composer Awards (BASCAs), most recently in 2018 for his work The Turing Test. Simon continues to push boundaries within the brass and wind scene.

Browse the music catalogue from Simon Dobson at his website.