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Future of banding to go under the spotlight

Tuesday 10 November, 2020

In-person banding may be temporarily on hold in England but online activities continue apace, with the latest webinar from Brass Bands England turning its attention to the future of the banding scene.

Training company IVE is to lead the session, with the company’s associate Sophie Hunter working on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and why banding must embrace it to remain relevant and sustainable. Sophie will explore unconscious bias, legal responsibilities and the Arts Council’s Creative Case for Diversity, as well as providing an open forum to discuss the topic.

The event will be delivered online on Thursday, November 12 at 7pm using the Zoom platform so attendees can interact and ask questions. It is one of a number of activities Brass Bands England is undertaking around the topics of equality, diversity and inclusion. The EDI group is engaging with a variety of groups who support and work with those less well-represented in banding, to explore the issues that cause certain people to feel excluded from brass bands and the wider UK music scene, and how this can be addressed.

It comes as BBE continues its Challenge 2030 initiative, with which it aims to see the make-up of its members and audiences more accurately reflect the communities and societies they represent in 10 years.

More about the activities of the BBE EDI working group is here.