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Fulham to adopt a composer

Sunday 11 October, 2020

The music of an emerging composer is to be showcased by Fulham Brass Band, thanks to an exciting national scheme.

The Adopt a Music Creator project will see the London band work with Florence Anna Maunders, as part of the Adopt a Music Creator project, an expanded version of the hugely popular Adopt a Composer project that pairs leisure-time music groups with emerging music creators to create brand new music.

Flori started out young, as a chorister, clarinetist and saxophone player, but following an undergraduate degree at the Royal Northern College of Music, where she studied with Anthony Gilbert, Adam Gorb, Simon Holt and Clark Rundell, she's enjoyed a mixed and international career as a jazz pianist, orchestral percussionist, vocalist arranger, electronic music producer and teacher.

Run by Making Music in partnership with Sound and Music, the project sees leisure-time groups get involved in the creative process and develop their musical skills, while music creators gain experience of working with groups as well as guidance from an established team of mentors.

Barbara Eifler, chief executive of Making Music, said: “Adopt a Music Creator has been a continually refreshed and evolving project over 20 years now, but what has remained is that it successfully introduces leisure-time music groups to the joys of collaborating with a living music creator, and music creators to the differences and creative opportunities offered by our member groups for their musical imagination. This year, Covid or not, will be no different and we look forward to another set of fun, surprising and challenging pieces written especially for those of us who make music as a hobby.”