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The World Rejoicing placed on pause

Thursday 10 September, 2020

The five countries which commissioned Edward Gregson to write the test-piece for their prestigious competitions in 2020-21 have agreed to postpone use of the music amid continuing uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Rejoicing had been due to feature as the set test at the British Open this weekend, as well as the national contests of Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. All have now been cancelled or postponed, aside from the Norwegian contest, which is due to be held in February 2021. If it does go ahead, it will do so while making use of an alternative piece, with the Gregson work used in 2022 instead.

Commenting on the situation, Edward Gregson said: “Obviously, like everyone else in the musical world, I am very disappointed and frustrated by the havoc that the pandemic has caused to music-making everywhere, and for the financial hardship and social disruption it has caused to so many people. For the brass band community, it has meant the postponement and cancellation of so many events, with the result that bands’ commitment to rehearsing and performing has had to be put on hold.

“In the case of The World Rejoicing, the fact that all of the five European countries which commissioned the work have agreed to postpone the project for a year means that we can still keep to the original scheduled premieres. I only hope that the title of the work will now be a prophetic phrase for all our lives returning to some kind of normality.”

Any bands which have pre-ordered and paid for the performing material will be fully reimbursed if they wish. Otherwise they will be sent the performing material at the appropriate time in 2021.