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Conductors' association holds virtual AGM

Saturday 25 July, 2020

The National Association of Brass Band Conductors (NABBC) has held its annual general meeting, with a few changes to its executive committee.

The recent event took place on Zoom, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which also forced the cancellation of the organisation’s flagship conducting competition.

Changes to the executive committee saw the elections of John Clay to the position of vice-president, John Fricker as vice-chairman and Rosie Banham from Brass Bands England as membership secretary.

The full executive committee comprises: Mareika Gray, chairperson; John Fricker, vice-chairperson; Russell Gray, president; John Clay, vice-president; James Holt, secretary; Jane Clay, treasurer; Rosie Banham (BBE), membership secretary; Tom Hancock, PRO; Ted Griffiths, librarian; Ashley Ambler, auditor; Alex Parker (BBE) and Paul Holland, co-opted members; Alan Duguid, London and Southern Counties; Stuart Black, Scotland; Geraint Barnes, Wales; David Thornton, north of England; Paul Holland, south west; Tom Hancock, Midlands.

In addition, the constitution was updated to replace some of the more outdated aspects and make it more relevant. Mareika Gray, chairperson of the NABBC, commented: “The loss of the conducting competition due to COVID-19 is sad but we must look forward to the next one in 2021. I’m pleased our processes, particularly membership, are being streamlined through the partnership with Brass Bands England and I must give special thanks to Alex and Rosie for all their hard work.”

The NABBC will be announcing regional networking events for conductors once social gathering restrictions are eased further. Join the NABBC (which includes membership of Brass Bands England), at