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High-profile links for Brass Band Summer School

Wednesday 22 July, 2020

The upcoming virtual Brass Band Summer School (BBSS) has received a boost with the announcement of several new partner organisations.

The online summer course is to join forces with Besson, as Buffet Crampon, and retailer Band Supplies for its 2020 event. As well as featuring Besson artists David Childs, Robert Childs, Owen Farr, James Gourlay, Tom Hutchinson and Les Neish, Courtois artist John Barber and B&S artist Philip Cobb, the support of Band Supplies and Buffet Crampon has made it possible for the BBSS to launch its first ever solo competition with a prize fund of £500.

News of the link-up with Besson revives connections with the BBSS going back more than three decades. The origins of the BBSS were in Boosey and Hawkes’ Open College of 1985, which culminated in a Celebrity Summer School in North London. The course featured the Besson Sovereign and Imperial bands, and the following year, the BBSS was established under the musical direction of Harry Mortimer.

A spokesperson for Besson told British Bandsman: “We’re delighted to be re-connecting with the most prestigious organisation of its kind in the world. The BBSS and the Besson brand in particular share a natural synergy, with tradition and excellence at their core. To have the opportunity to join with Band Supplies in supporting this organisation is a privilege.”

The BBSS is also enjoying the support of World of Brass, which has made available a number of its professional recordings for use as resources during the course. A spokesperson for the BBSS commented: “During its development, one of the most important aspects of this year’s virtual course has been to find ways for our delegates to play, not just listen. With the support of World of Brass, we’ve been able to produce a library of unique conductor-cam band simulation resources. These will not only provide our delegates with the opportunity to play a wide variety of music whilst following an on-screen conductor, they’ll also allow them the opportunity to perform with, and react to, the sound of some world-class bands.”

Anyone interested in taking part can sign up to the online summer school, which runs from August 10-14, with a catch-up facility available until September 1 at the Brass Band Summer School website.


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