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Saturday 23 May, 2020

Each Thursday evening, thousands of people have been taking to their doorways and gardens to clap and bash pots and pans, expressing their gratitude to those working on the frontline. Now composer Karl Whelan has turned his talents to a new work paying tribute to those working hard to keep the population safe.

Hymn to the Angels is a short, reflective piece dedicated to those on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. The piece has no words and isn’t intended to be religious, instead providing a simple thank-you. Versions are available for brass band, wind band and orchestra.

Speaking to British Bandsman, Karl said: “My wife is a nurse and we have two young children. It’s difficult for them to understand what is going on and the whole experience has made me think about all those who have young families yet are putting themselves at risk by going out to work on the frontline at this strange time.”

The work is available to purchase in PDF form now, with proceeds going to NHS Charities Together. More information on how to buy the piece is at Karl Whelan's website.

People can donate at JustGiving.