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Issue 6112

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Emergency fund launched to support bands

Wednesday 18 March, 2020

A crowdfunding campaign is being launched by Brass Bands England in a bid to help support the banding community and raise funds to help bands’ ongoing financial commitments as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

From Monday, April 20, bands will be able to apply for access to the funds raised, if they need help with any of the following costs:

●     Assistance with rent payments the band is committed to
●     Assistance with payments for contracted conductors
●     Assistance with payments for ongoing projects (i.e. set payments for commissions)
Documentary evidence will be requested to support all applications, which will be subject to approval by designated Brass Bands England Trustees, whose decision will be final. Full details will be made available on the BBE website in due course (
Although the crowdfunding campaign is organised by BBE, donations will go directly to member bands that apply to access the hardship fund.

In addition to coordinating, Brass Bands England is giving away some perks to people who donate including free tickets to events and individual memberships. The organisation is also encouraging bands to donate in kind to the cause by donating perks to add to the crowdfunding page, such as tickets to an upcoming concert or a CD. Interested bands should email Sarah Baumann on
Kenny Crookston, chief executive officer of Brass Bands England, commented: “This is a very worrying time for all of us and all of us at BBE are extremely concerned for the future of the many hundreds of bands that make up our vibrant community. Many of these groups have ongoing commitments that will be impossible for them to meet with no income from engagements, so we will do whatever we can do to alleviate these problems. Please donate as much as you can comfortably afford in the knowledge that every penny will go to brass bands throughout the country.”
Details of the crowdfunding campaign and donation information is available here.