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Result: Butlin's Mineworkers Festival day two

Monday 13 January, 2020

Flowers Band has celebrated victory at the 2020 Butlin's Mineworkers Festival following a busy weekend of contesting in Skegness.

Conducted by Paul Holland, the band came out on top in both the set work and entertainment disciplines ahead of Desford Colliery in second and Redbridge Brass in third.

A full report on the festival will appear in the next edition of British Bandsman.


Championship Section

Set work: Songs of Ascent by Jonathan Bates

Set work and entertainment (music) adjudicators: Russell Gray and David Thornton

Entertainment adjudicators: Leigh Baker and David Roberts


1. Flowers (Paul Holland): 1/1/1 = 3
2. Desford Colliery (LCITWF) (Michael Fowles): 5/2/2 = 9
3. Redbridge Brass (Chris Bearman): 3/3/4 = 10
4. GUS Band (Chris Jeans): 4/5/3 = 12*
5. Woodfalls (Dr Robert Childs): 2/4/6 = 12
6. Wantage Silver (Jonathan Bates): 6/6/5 = 17

Best soloist (set-work): Emily Evans (horn) — Flowers
Best soloist (entertainment): Kevin Crockford (soprano) — Desford Colliery
Winner, set work: Flowers
Most entertaining band: Flowers
Highest placed mining band: Desford Colliery

*Placing on entertainment takes precedence


Youth Section

Adjudicator: Mareika Gray

1. Youth Brass 2000 (Cathy Fountain)
2. 3BA Academy Brass (Birgit Trinkl)
3. Shirland Welfare Youth (Dave Hill)
4. Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)

Best soloist: Ed Culpin (baritone) Youth Brass 2000


Unregistered Section

Adjudicator: Mareika Gray

1. Shirland Welfare Training (Dave Hill)
2. Gresley Colliery Youth (Duncan Jackson)
3. Wigston Enterprise (Matthew Davis)

Best soloist: Izzy Owen, Shirland Welfare
Youngest Player: Benjamin Pope (5) Gresley