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Album review: Jamie Hood (trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn)

Sunday 12 January, 2020


Album review: Crossroad

Jamie Hood, Cornet, flugelhorn, trumpet

Stephen Bulla, Annamaria Mattola, pianoforte.

To record a solo album with only pianoforte accompaniment is a highly courageous project - there is absolutely nowhere to hide! Jamie Hood has wisely chosen two extremely skilful pianists to accompany him and they complement his outstanding talents perfectly.

The bookends of the programme are the two classic Erik Leidzen solos, Songs In The Heart and Tucker. Also included are two cornet solos more traditionally heard with full band accompaniment, Crossroad (Bulla) and Jubilance (Himes). Between these pillars we hear a wide range of repertoire and interest is maintained by the use of different instruments, all of which the soloist handles with considerable accomplishment.

The bright sound of his trumpet contrasts very well with the warmth of his flugelhorn. Additional interest is created by the two duets he performs, one with his brother Mark and the other with the euphonium sound of Brandon Jones.

Throughout the recording we are drawn to Jamie's musical interpretations in which he displays a great sound in all registers. Particularly admirable is the carefully measured approach to the many technical demands.

Overall, this is a very fine display of the soloist's virtuosity.

Dr Keith M Wilkinson


Programme: *****

Performance: ****

Overall presentation: ****

Recording quality: ****