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Cory’s conductor brings Artistic Development to Southampton

Friday 2 August, 2019

Following a successful event in Barnsley on 29 June, Brass Bands England announces the next in their series of Artistic Development events, which will be held in Southampton on Saturday 21 September. Thanks to the support of Arts Council England, ticket prices start from just £5 (lunch and refreshments included) for a full day workshop led by Philip Harper, conductor of The Cory Band.

This next event has a particular pull as for part of the day participants will have the chance to see Philip rehearsing The Cory Band, ready for their concert the same evening. 

The day appeals to anyone involved in banding, in particular those who have an input into artistic direction. Throughout the day, attendees will learn about concert planning, engaging the audience and the practicalities involved in rehearsing a band, as well as how to maximise your artistic reach and capitalise on marketing through social media.

Artistic Development with Philip Harper will take place at Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church in Southampton on Saturday 21 September. Tickets are available to purchase from Brass Band England’s website - Tickets including lunch cost £5 for members and £15 for non members.