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Chris Jeans appointed Artistic Director of Music for Virtuosi GUS Band

Monday 26 November, 2018

Chris Jeans, Ambassador of Antoine Courtois Instruments & Educator, has been appointed the new Artistic Director of Music for the famous Virtuosi GUS Band.

In his 15-year reign as Principal Trombonist with the band, he has won many prestigious titles, plus individual awards with the band, achieving a double win of Best Soloist at Brass in Concert and double Best Trombone Player at The International Masters.

Chris has had the pleasure over the years to work with some highly respected conductors of the GUS Band, such as Bramwell Tovey, Robert Watson, John Berryman, David Stowell, Jeremy Wise, Rob Wiffan (OBE) and Adam Cooke.

Chris has been the Artistic Director of Music for the successful Youth Brass 2000, who are the current European Youth Champions, Championship National Youth Champions and British Open Youth Champions. Next year he also celebrates being their conductor and founder of the band for three decades.

Speaking to British Bandsman, Band Chairman, Dave Elliot-Smith commented: “We are thrilled that Chris Jeans has accepted the position of Artistic Director of Music. His inspiration, motivation, drive, determination and passion for making music is welcomed and we are excited to enter a new era in the band's history book. He will start his new position in the band from January 2019, and his first competition only weeks into the position will be at Butlins”.

Chris told British Bandsman: “I consider it a great honour to be appointed as the Artistic Director of Music for the world famous GUS Band. I am overwhelmed by the emails, texts and messages on the band's website of congratulations from all over the world, from as far afield as Australia. We owe it to Fred Felton, the band's founder, to keep GUS at the highest level possible. It is a great honour to have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the great conductors of this band, to name but a few, William Halliwell, Harry Mortimer, Stanley Boddington, Geoffrey Brand, John Berryman, Bramwell Tovey and Frank Renton.

Chris concluded: "The band now has a blend of youth and experience which will hold it in good stead for the future. It is proud of its heritage but also looks to the future with enthusiasm and confidence."