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What happened after 1938? - Foden's appeal

Tuesday 13 February, 2018

In 2016, Fodens Band was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding to enable its many artefacts to be saved from damage, deterioration or loss. In particular this included digitising all 130 or more 78 recordings the band made between 1914 and 1945. No more can they be threatened by fire which destroyed the bandroom two years ago.

In due course, the Foden’s Band management will announce details of special celebratory events, but this appeal is particular and in advance of them. Between 1909 and 1938, Fodens Band won the British Open Brass Band Contest at Belle Vue, Manchester eight times, and the National Brass Band Championships in London also eight times. For all sixteen wins, the players were awarded individual medals, mainly bronze but also silver and gold. With normally 25 players in the band, that totals four hundred medals. So far I have located 33, so I am some way short of a full set. So my appeal is this. Can you help me to locate other 367? They will be securely displayed if loaned, or photographed if holders would prefer not to loan them out. Because of preserved band records, I know exactly who won how many medals. What happened after 1938? No more medals were awarded; just a great big trophy! I am sitting by my telephone, number 01270 763906, to receive your call.

On behalf of Foden’s Band Management Committee.

Allan Littlemore