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Brass Band Podcast looks back at 2017

Monday 1 January, 2018

Dave and Kenny look back on the year from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh. We look at the outstanding players and bands of 2017, in addition to the overall Player and Band we have individual player awards.

Players of the Year are selected from:


Dominic Longhurst (Brighouse and Rastrick)

Marielle Rey (Valasia)

Scott Forrest (Whitburn)

Jon Vegar Sole Sundal (Eikanger)


Roger Webster (Grimethope)

Vincent Bearpark (Valasia)

Chris Bradley (Whitburn)

David Morton (Eikanger)

Tom Hutchinson (Cory)


Helen Williams (Cory)

Jamie Smith (Grimethorpe)

Gyda Matland (Eikanger)

Tenor Horn

Michael Fleming (Whitburn)

Owen Farr

Jonny Bates (Fodens)


Mike Cavanagh (Grimethorpe)

Steve Kane (Cory)


Dan Thomas (Black Dyke)

Chris Robertson (Grimethorpe)

Glenn Van Looy (Valasia)

Gary Curtin (Fodens)


Isobel Daws (Fairey)

Chris Thomas (Cory)

Ruan Watkins (Brighouse and Rastrick)

Tore Bryne Berg (Eikanger)

Bass (Sections)



Treize Etoiles

Percussion (Sections)

Fountain City



Non Championship Section Performance of the Year

Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia (Swiss National)

BD1 (British National)

Conductor of the Year

Professor Nicholas Childs

Ingar Bergby

Florent Didier

Arsene Duc

The following Categories are also discussed

Best Non-Winning Performance

Having a Laugh Award

Contribution to Banding


Catch episode 50 at https://brassbandpodcast.podbean.com