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EBBA announces composer change for Utrecht

Monday 11 December, 2017

The Music Commission of the European Brass Band Championship [MC] has been informed by ZIMIHC, the local organiser of next year’sEuropean Brass Band Championships in Utrecht, that Harrie Janssen, who was commissioned by ZIMIHC to compose the set test piece, is not able to complete his work.

A spokesperson from ZIMIHC commented: “We were excited that Harrie Janssen accepted the commission. Our aim was to strengthen the field of Dutch composers writing for brass band. Although Mr. Janssen is a well-known and respected composer for wind and fanfare bands, he has only written a few works for brass band. We started discussing the commission more than a year ago, knowing that 2017 was a busy year with several other commissions to be met. However, we were told only recently that he could not deliver the new piece for brass band on time. At this late stage, there was no other option than to withdraw the commission. It needs no explaining that this is a big disappointment for us.”

With the deadline for completion already passed and an additional period of time not possible for the composer, the Music Commission of the European Brass Band Association [MC] has been working to provide a solution. The MC’s first priority was to find a suitable composer or work from the region. EBBA is therefore pleased to announce that the distinguished composer for wind and fanfare bands from Luxembourg, Marco Pütz (pictured), has agreed to make a work available for the contest. ‘Marco Pütz is well known to wind and fanfare bands for his dynamic, virtuoso scores,’ says MC Chair Paul Hindmarsh, ‘and we are very grateful to him for stepping into the breech and agreeing to make his exciting and colourful music available for the first time to brass bands at theEuropean Championships in Utrecht in May.’

Further details about the music will be announced in due course and it will be available for the 12 competing bands to begin their preparations on the scheduled date.