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Composition platform for progress in Palanga

Sunday 10 December, 2017

Early steps in the Lithuanian city of Palanga’s proposed hosting of the 2020 European Brass Band Championships were made during the last weekend in November at an international conference, Winds Bring Changes 2017, in which members of the Lithuanian brass band community, local composers and experts from around Europe worked towards raising interest in the music of the brass band genre in the Baltic state. 

A feature of this conference was the presentation of nine new compositions by Lithuanian composers. The music was performed in Palanga Concert Hall by Brass Band Aukstyn, Brass Band of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, and Sunday Brass Band. The compositions were evaluated by visiting guests including Philip Sparke, Tom Brevik (Norway), BB Features Editor Paul Hindmarsh and conference moderator conference, Jappie Dijkstra (Netherlands).

At the open session, which involved about 50 enthusiasts, experts shared their knowledge in extensive seminars. Paul Hindmarsh presented a lecture about the evolution and development of the brass band repertoire, Philip Sparke provided an introduction to instrumentation, scoring philosophy and the range of colours available to the brass band and Tom Brevik discussed the use of folk songs and traditional music.

Paul Hindmarsh commented: “I was delighted to have been invited to take part in the conference in Palanga. Finding talented composers to work with brass bands is a creative way of ensuring that brass bands continue to evolve. It was encouraging to work with group of talented composers with enthusiasm for the brass band medium, which is still very new in Lithuania. I enjoyed sharing with them some of the classic British test-pieces and showing the different ways these composers enriched the sound of the brass band medium. I look forward to hearing much more from composers in Lithuania.”

At the end of the conference, experts selected five works by Lithuanian composers that correspond to the categories of European brass band contesting: Replica (Linas Rupšlaukis), Caricature (Tadas Šileika) and Witches’ Hill (Vauda Striaupaitė-Beinarienė) are appropriate to Challenge Section level, while The Legend About Dracula (Titas Petrikis) and Lithuanian Dances (Kazys Daugėla) will be considered for the Youth Section.