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East of Scotland BBA rejuvenated

Sunday 10 December, 2017

The East of Scotland Brass Band Association (ESBBA), which has been largely dormant for most of the current decade, has been rejuvenated by the election of new office bearers at the body’s recent Annual General Meeting. The event, held at Bathgate Bandroom in Livingston, was also attended by Brass Bands England Chairman Mike Kilroy and Centre Stage Managing Director Martin Gernon, who gave presentations on collaboration and organisation of bands’ finances respectively. 

David Kinross (Whitburn) was elected as the organisation’s Chairman, with Derek Brown (Bathgate) the new Vice President. Graeme Adam (Newtongrange) will be the ESBBA Treasurer and Brian Walker (Bathgate) the Secretary. 

David Kinross commented: “We are very excited at the prospect of the considerable progress that can be made through the member bands in the east of Scotland working collaboratively in the years ahead. There is considerable potential in this area and one of our first initiatives will be to encourage former players of all bands to return to the fold and take part in an event organised through social media.”

The organisation’s next event, its annual solo and ensemble championships, will be held on 27 January, when it is also hoped that a multi-organisation reunion band can be assembled.