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New band in Putney and Wimbledon

Wednesday 8 November, 2017

Putney and Wimbledon Brass Band, a
new, not-for-profit community band, was
due to perform in public for the first time
at Wimbledon Park Fireworks night on
Saturday 4 November. It may be unusual
for a brass band to start its life in 2017
- especially in London - but Putney and
Wimbledon Brass Band hopes to start
with a bang at this wonderful community
event. The band brings together local
players of a wide range of ages from
across Putney and Wimbledon to create a
new community group for the local area.
The band’s Musical Director, Sam Topp,
said: “South west London may not have
the same history and tradition of brass
banding as the north of England, but the

desire to create something that is focused
on the idea of community is just as strong
here in Putney and Wimbledon. I can’t
wait to show everyone what the band
can do, and to encourage others to dust
off their cornets, trombones and tubas to
come and join us.”

He added: “Some might be pessimistic
about the future of brass banding in
Britain, but I like to take a ‘brass half full’
approach. We’re going to start off on a
high note and blow away any doubts.”
It is hoped that the band will become a
regular sight throughout the boroughs of
Wandsworth and Merton at local events,
as well as competing against other bands
in competitions.
Speaking about the birth of this
new band, Wimbledon MP Stephen
Hammond said: “I think it is fantastic
that a brass band is being set up in
Wimbledon. We are lucky to have a
thriving range of community groups in
our area, to which this will be a welcome
addition. I am sure its first performance
at the Wimbledon Park fireworks on 4
but he was most proud of achieving grade
8 on piano having started lessons again in
his late 40s.

Dave was very well known in the
Yorkshire and Midland brass band scene
for his support to the banding movement
and spent most of his weekends banding
in one shape or another with his son,
Daniel, a very talented euphonium player
with Chapeltown Band, who he took
pride in supporting throughout Dan’s
musical development. In addition to his
musical activities he was also a Trustee
of the Chesterfield Canal Trust and a RYA
certified training instructor. It may come
as a surprise to many people that he
also had time for a full time job as an IT

Commenting on behalf of Bolsover
Festival of Brass and Bolsover 
International Brass Band Summer
School, Carole Crompton said, “We are
totally shocked and saddened at the
news of Dave’s passing. He will be sorely
missed and irreplaceable to us in his
various roles within our team. He was
the most enthusiastic supporter of the
banding movement and his talents
and personality will be greatly missed
by everyone. As a personal friend you
could not ask for anyone more loyal
or supporting than Dave and I will
personally miss him on so many levels.”
Another announcement will be
made shortly once we know his
funeral arrangements. Dave is survived
by his wife Caroline and son Daniel, his
mother Doreen and sister Allison.
Carole Crompton
November will be a huge success and the
first of many locally.”