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New Eagley CD

Wednesday 8 November, 2017

Richard Scott, once again the man tasked
with recording every National Final
performance of Howard Snell’s Gallery at
the Royal Albert Hall, spent his birthday
weekend on 7-8 October with son
Stephen recording the new Eagley Band
CD in Bolton.

Richard has recorded and produced
all of conductor Chris Wormald’s CDs
stretching back to 1999 with Smithills,
Hoover, Eagley and others and once again
recorded 15 new arrangements made
especially by him.

The Eagley CD follows hard on the
heels of the band’s new 16-page glossy
brochure and includes tracks ranging
from Toto IV, Genesis, Sinatra and I’ve
Dreamed of You to A Hero Comes Home
and Highlights from Wicked. The CD is to
be released at the end of November.