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The Northern Ireland Bands Association (NIBA) Championship

Wednesday 8 November, 2017

The Northern Ireland Bands Association
(NIBA) Championship took place in
Armagh on the weekend of 14-15 October,
with 1st Old Boys Silver (Stephen Cairns)
grabbing the top title and an invitation
to the 2019 European Championship in

Drogheda Brass successfully defended its
2nd Grade title under Michael Maher, with
Wellington Memorial Silver taking the 3rd
Grade title under Gary Proctor. The results
Championship Section
Adjudicator: Derek Broadbent
Test-piece: Salamander (John McCabe)
1. 1st Old Boys Silver (Stephen Cairns) 193
2. Downshire Brass (Michael Alcorn) 190
3. Third Carrickfergus (Brian Connolly) 187
4. Laganvale Metal Technology
(Stephen Crooks) 186
5. Three Rivers Brass (Noel Barr) 184
6. Murley Silver Band (William Hill) 183
Best Instrumentalist: Alan Haworth,
euphonium, 1st Old Boys Silver
2nd Grade
Test-piece: Chaucer’s Tunes (Michael Ball)
1. Drogheda Brass (Michael Maher) 185
2. Roughan Silver (Gary Proctor) 183
3. Lourdes Brass Band
(Michael Hannan) 182
4. Comber Silver (Wesley Thompson) 181
5. CWA Brass (Ernest Ruddock) 180
Best Cornet Section: Drogheda Brass
Best Bass Section: Drogheda Brass
3rd Grade
Test-piece: The Journal of Phileas Fogg
(Peter Graham)
1. Wellington Memorial Silver
(Gary Proctor) 179
2. Dynamic Brass (Harold Whan) 177
3. Navan Silver (Steven Murray) 176
4. Dungannon Silver (Boris Pinto) 174
4th Grade
Test-piece: A Ravenhill Suite
(Dorothy Gates)
1. Poyntzpass Silver (Robert Davidson) 171
5th Grade/Unaffiliated
1. Stedfast Shoes Brass (Shane Smith) 168
Own Choice
1. 1st Old Boys Silver Junior
(Jacklin Bingham) 180
2. Downshire Youth Band
(Michael Alcorn) 178