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Flowers Band appoints David Childs

Thursday 10 August, 2017

Flowers Band has announced the appointment of international euphonium soloist David Childs as its Principal Conductor ahead of next month’s British Open Championships. In this new role David Childs will make his conducting debut with Flowers at Symphony Hall on 9 September and continue to work with the band on a regular basis, providing musical direction to the organisation beyond the British Open.


Band spokesman Tony Pemberton commented: “During the brief period we have worked with David, the band has enjoyed fresh musical momentum and were keen to find a way for this to continue long-term. We recognise that as one of the world’s leading brass soloists David’s availability is limited, but we are extremely pleased he has accepted the position of Principal Conductor, and in this bespoke role we look forward to benefitting from his musical direction and working with him on a regular basis.”

On his appointment David Childs commented: “It has been a pleasure to work with Flowers in recent months and I’m delighted to formalise an association with the band. Flowers have a nucleus of fine players, with a shared enthusiasm for making music, and a great camaraderie within the group. With some exciting plans already in place I look forward to the future, which will initially include developing associations with other conductors, composers and players to benefit the Flowers organisation.”

David Childs continued: “In the short-term I’m excited to be leading the band at the British Open. It’s probably the world’s most prestigious brass band contest, and in Thierry Deleruyelle’s Fraternity I feel we have one of the best original brass band works of the modern era to perform.”