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Experianza Music continues its winning streak

Wednesday 5 July, 2017

New Zealand-based band publishing company Experianza Music is doing its best to emulate its fellow countrymen - the All Blacks - in creating an enviable winning streak in its first year of operation. Founded by former orchestral trombonist, composer and band enthusiast David Chaulk, Experianza Music has already assembled 23 composers from Europe, North America and Australasia, and has an outstanding collection of almost 200 pieces in its ever-growing catalogue. Familiar names include Andrew Wainwright, Dave Collins, Brian Bowen, Simon Kerwin and Marcus Venables, in addition to young stars like Kiwi, Todd Smith.

Experianza Music composers have already won prizes in competitions including the 2016 Swiss Brass Band Association Composition Competition, the Edinburgh University Brass Band Composition Prize and the SOUNZ - NZ Brass Band Association Composition Competition. It recently had its first test-piece selected for a major European contest, the 2017 Swiss National Championships. Additionally, the company has seen a number of its test-pieces approved by the Dutch Repertoire Information Centre for contest and festival use in The Netherlands.

One of the big wins during its first year has been appointing World of Brass as exclusive worldwide distributor of print music. Both David Chaulk and World of Brass’s Mark Coull told BB how excited they are to be partners in this new venture - a chance for Experianza Music to take advantage of the global reach enjoyed by World of Brass and, for World of Brass, it takes its even closer to being a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for bands.

When asked by BB what new initiatives we should look for, David Chaulk said: “Our short to medium-term focuses are on getting our catalogue recorded so people can hear what we’re offering, enabling a grading system on our website to make it easier for people to shop more appropriately for their bands and adding exciting new test pieces for mid to lower section bands.”

In closing, David added “We’re always looking for new composers, especially those who can write within the technical constraints of the lower sections, while maintaining the same level of musical interest that we get in a great Championship Section test-piece. I’d love to hear from people who think they fit that description.”

In a market that some would say is overcrowded, Experianza Music believes that it can offer something fresh and different. Here’s hoping they’re right!