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Finals tests announced

Wednesday 10 May, 2017

The Kapitol Promotions Music Panel has announced the test-pieces for the 2017 National Finals at Cheltenham and the Royal Albert Hall. Announcing the selection, Philip Morris (Chairman of the Kapitol Promotions Music Panel) commented: "The Music Panel has been careful to select music for each section that it thinks will be challenging, but very enjoyable to rehearse and perform."

The test-pieces are:

CHAMPIONSHIP: Gallery (Howard Snell)

Publishers: Rakeway Music -

Duration: 16 minutes 30 seconds (including cut)

Competing bands to cut Mov. 4 - The March Back to Camp


SECTION 1: Tournament for Brass (Eric Ball)

Publishers: R Smith & Co -

Duration: 13 minutes 30 seconds



Test piece: Music of a Legacy (Steven Ponsford)

Published by SP&S -

Duration: 9 minutes

Revised publication, in traditional brass band instrumentation


SECTION 3: Hinemoa (Gareth Wood)

Publishers: R Smith & Co -

Duration: 11 minutes 30 seconds


SECTION 4: Petite Suite de Ballet (Eric Ball)

Publishers: R Smith & Co -

Duration: 8 minutes