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Whitburn announces Dysart Colliery collaboration

Thursday 20 April, 2017

Scottish Championship Section champion Whitburn Band has teamed up with its counterparts from the 4th Section, Dysart Colliery Silver Band, in a year long association that will share best practice ideas across both bands.

Whitburn Band President David Kinross commented: “Our pathway system is delivering value into a number of local bands and we feel that helping the eco-system is vitally important for the good of the movement. I was really impressed with the way Dysart set out a vision to win its section at the Scottish and it’s something they achieved. We asked if they would be interested in us helping with Dysart’s preparation for Cheltenham and it has taken off from there. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas with the Dysart Colliery organisation and having some of our players help out with its preparation.”

The collaboration has been received warmly at Dysart, band spokesperson Ron Rye (pictured below) commenting: “Dysart Colliery Silver Band is in the process of rebirth, tackling challenges that haven’t even been contemplated in recent memory. After our recent success in completing our vision for “Going for Gold” and winning the 4th Section, we are starting out on a new journey, entitled ‘Believe!’, where the goal will be to maximise the potential of the band both in performing at the National Championships of Great Britain and the 3rd Section. We don’t want to make up numbers, we want to challenge both the bands we play against and (most importantly) ourselves as we pursue what are new opportunities for a lot of the players who are joining us.”

Whitburn looks forward to welcoming its friends from Fife this coming weekend as preparations continue for the Grand Shield under Professor Nicholas Childs. Members of Dysart Colliery will receive sectional tuition from some of the Whitburn players after an open rehearsal.