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Sunday sell-out in Huddersfield

Friday 24 February, 2017

Patrons planning to attend the
Championship Section of the Yorkshire
Regional Championships on the
Sunday afternoon of 5 March are
advised not to travel to the Town Hall,
Huddersfield if they have not already
purchased a ticket. Peggy Tomlinson,
Regional Secretary, commented: “I
have been notified by the Town Hall
management that, with the exception
of approximately ten restricted view
tickets, the Championship section is a
sell-out. The Town Hall at Huddersfield
has a reduced audience capacity
compared to our usual home at St.
George’s, Bradford and this has led us
to having to announce ‘house full. I am
sorry to disappoint patrons who were
expecting to purchase tickets on the
day, but demand has been higher than
normal this year.”
Tickets are still available for all day
Saturday (2nd, 4th and 1st sections) and
Sunday morning (3rd section) from the
Box Office on 01484 225755.