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Friday 24 February, 2017

Superbly organised by the staff of the Conféderation Musicale de France and held in the state-of-the-art Auditorium of the Lyon National Orchestra, this year’s French National Championships was a showcase for the tremendously high standard of French bands in every section. 

The winner, Hauts-de-France Brass Band (previously Nord- Pas de Calais), will represent France at the 2018 European Championships in Utrecht. Winning the Championship conducted by Luc Vertommen comes as the reward for many years consistent commitment and development led by founder-conductor Philippe Lorthios. To complete a weekend of banding at its best, the Saturday evening gala concert was given by Treize Etoile.

A full report by Roy Terry will be included in the April edition of BB. The full results were:

Adjudicators (all sections): Russell Gray, Oliver Waespi, Michel Becquet

Honnuer Division

1. Hauts-de-France Brass Band (Luc Vertommen) 95

2. Aeolus Brass Band (Benoit Fourreau) 92

Excellence Division

1. Brass Band de Lyon (Glenn Van Looy) 90

2. Brass Band du Conservatoire de Douai (Olivier Degardin) 89

3. Brassage Brass Band (Laurent Douvre) 86

1st Division

1. Brass Band Cotes et Cuivres (Jerome Carre) 94

2. Burgundy Brass (Maxime Pitois) 91

3. Brass Band Accords (Cedric Rossero) 89

2nd Division

1. Brass Band du Hinault (Thibaut Bruniaux) 93

2. Brass Band Occitania (Lucas Mazeres) 89

3. Brass Band Gottes de Cuivre (Jerome Blanc) 84

4. Brassaventure (Serge Desautels) 79

5. Brass Band Loire Forez (Andre Guillaume) 78

3rd Division

1. Brass Band du Grand Chalon (Eric Plante) 84

2. Musicalis Algrange (Mathieu Reinhart) 83