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Geneva role for Jonathan Bates

Friday 2 December, 2016

Geneva Instruments has announced that the talented horn soloist,
composer and arranger Jonathan Bates has become its Geneva
Tenor Horn Artist. Jonathan has been heavily involved in the
design and development of the New Oldroyd Cardinal Tenor Horn
and commented: “The new Geneva Cardinal Tenor Horn has been
designed with the player in mind, and really focusses on getting
the basics right. Tenor horns have often seemed to focus heavily on
the soloistic element of the instrument, whilst I strongly feel the
Cardinal will not only tick the boxes for soloists, but for section and
ensemble players too, with an emphasis on a stronger lower register,
consistent tuning on each note and good projection to avoid the
sound of the tenor horn being lost in a large ensemble.”

Referring to the design of the new model,
Jonny continued: “Common problem notes for intonation issues
have been resolved, whilst the different layout of the horn means all
the tuning slides are within the frame of the instrument, avoiding
any unintentional movement or altering mid-performance. Also,
the instrument is constructed using different materials with the
aim of finding the darkest and most focussed sound possible, and
this for me is a large contributor to the consistent ease in which the
instrument performs throughout all registers. It’s been an enjoyable
period working with the guys at Geneva on this new tenor horn and
I’m looking forward to working on a number of projects with the
backing of this progressive and forward-thinking manufacturer.”