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Solna success at Swedish Championships

Tuesday 15 November, 2016

There was a long-awaited success for Solna Brass at the weekend when, under the baton of Emil Björklund, it regained the Elite Division title at the Swedish National Brass Band Championships for the first time since 1998.

The contest, held over two days in Värnamo in the Swedish province of Småland, saw Solna defend a two-point overnight lead after its performance of the set test-piece, Martin Ellerby’s Chivalry, before clinching the title with its rendition of Paganini Variations (Philip Wilby), just holding off a strong challenge Windcorp Brass Band (Tom Davoren), the winner of the contest for the previous seven years. Solna Brass will now represent Sweden at the European Championships in Ostend next year, its seventh appearance at the event.  

The full results were:

Elite Division

Adjudicators: Anne Crookston, Frank Renton, Reid Gilje and Eirik Gjerdevik 

Test-piece: Chivalry (Martin Ellerby)

1. Solna Brass (Emil Björklund) 94 (test-piece) + 93 (own-choice) = 93.5 (average)

2. Windcorp Brass Band (Tom Davoren) 91+94=92.5

3. Göta Brass Band (Stig Mærsk) 92+91=91.5

4. Betlehemskyrkans Musikkår (David Glänneskog) 87+89=88

5. Uffes Blås Brass Band (Mattias Hjortlinger) 86+88=87

Best section: Trombones, Windcorp Brass Band

Instrumentalist prize: Klara Blomgren, flugel, Solna Brass

Winning conductor award: Emil Björklund, Solna Brass

1st Division

Test-piece: Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben)

1. Lunds Universitets Brassband (Roger Andersson) 94

2. Åsenhöga Brass Band (Patrik Randefalk) 92

3. Smyrna Brass Band (Anders Hellman) 90

4. Malmö Brass Band (Niels-Ole Bo Johansen) 89

5. Torsby Brass (Berit Palmquist) 88

Best section: Percussion, Lunds Universitets Brassband

Instrumentalist prize: Johannes Forsberg, euphonium, Åsenhöga Brass Band

Winning conductor award: Roger Andersson, Lunds Universitets Brassband

2nd Division

Test-piece: Legenda Rumantscha (Oliver Waespi)

1. Halmstad Brass (Mikael Johansson) 89

2. Gnosjö Brass Band (Jan Hultegard) 88

3. Bors Brass Band (Ulrick Lundqvist) 86

4. Järfälla Brass Band (Gustav Oistensen Aaberg) 85

5. Allianskyrkans Musikkar, Jonkoping (Magnus Rydberg) 83

6. Immanuel Brass, Enköping (Ann-Sofie Andersson) 82

Best section: Cornets, Gnosjö Brass Band

Instrumentalist prize: Bengt Ekeberg, euphonium, Alliance Church Band, Jonkoping

Winning conductor award: Mikael Johansson, Halmstad Brass


1. Bors Youth Brass Band (Ulrik Lundqvist)

2. Åsenhöga Youth Brass Band

3. Gothenburg Youth Brass Band

4=. Bors Mini Brass 

4=. Habo Small Band 

4=. Immanuel Mini Brass, Enköping 

4=. The Fun Mini Brass, Älmhult 

4=. Södertörns Mini Brass

Best section: Solo cornets, Åsenhöga Youth Brass Band

Instrumentalist prize: Lucas Hjortlinger, soprano, Gothenburg Youth Brass Band

Winning conductor award: Ulrik Lundqvist, Bors Youth Brass Band