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Centenary celebrations for Manger

Tuesday 26 April, 2022

The year 2022 marks a milestone in the history of Manger Musikklag as it reaches its centenary. Tim Mutum lifts the lid on one of Norway’s premier bands and examines its exciting plans to celebrate a century of impressive music making.


When celebrating a landmark in any brass band’s history it’s all too easy to get sucked into a litany of contest successes, as that is so often the yardstick by which we judge. Where do the cups of magnitude place this particular band at this moment in time in the annals of brass band history? It would be amiss not to pay some attention to that in this article but to concentrate too hard on that aspect would be to underestimate the band’s contribution to music in a wider context. Moreover, there is much to comment on for its future, rather than dwell too much on the past.

It is to the past where we must start, as without it there would be no present. In March 1922 the foundations of Manger Musikklag were laid when a group of local youths decided they wanted music at social gatherings and parties with which they were involved. It was not until 1975, however, that it developed as a brass band when Tom Brevik became the new conductor. He wanted to create a top brass band and set practice standards so he looked at what was happening in England and determined that it would compete in contests.

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Issue 6136 digital April 21, 2022