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Composer Cast: Liz Lane

Friday 15 October, 2021

Liz Lane is a British composer whose music has been described as “spell-binding”, “moving”, “powerful”, “sensitive”, “stunning” and “brilliantly creative”. Her compositions have been performed by some of the world’s top musicians in major concert halls and venues throughout the UK and internationally, as well as being broadcast on BBC One, ITV and BBC Radio 3.

Christopher Bond delves into Liz’s impressive musical experiences as a child and finds out more about some of her recent and current projects – with a chance for everyone to get involved.


You wrote your first composition, It's Christmas Time, when you were just six-years-old, which was subsequently performed in London by the Westminster School Boys’ Choir – what an incredible achievement at such a young age. Tell me about those early memories of composing in your childhood.

LL: I suppose it was a snowball effect – one opportunity led to another. A friend said a few years ago I should share my early years story more as it was so unusual but I’ve tended to not say very much, just a few chosen events on my website only really visible to those who spend a while browsing – like you. I don't suppose many people who are reading British Bandsman know – although Paul Hindmarsh remembers. So seeing as you asked…

My first composition was when I was six and I came home from school at lunchtime with an idea for a melody. My parents helped me write it down and it became a Christmas carol, It’s Christmas Time. Meanwhile they took me to my first orchestral concert at the Royal Festival Hall where I saw the pianist John Lill. I was blown away by his playing and wrote to him. He wrote back and asked if I’d like to meet; I played the piano to him and showed him the carol. He was a neighbour of William and Jean Lloyd Webber (parents of Andrew and Julian) and shared the carol with them, which led to my very first performance by the Westminster Boys’ Choir at Central Hall, Westminster, conducted by Jean Lloyd Webber with Dr Lloyd Webber on the organ and either Andrew or Julian (I don’t know which) in the choir.

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Issue 6112 digital October 7, 2021