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A brotherly bond

Thursday 7 October, 2021

Bram Gregson enjoyed an active and fulfilling life in music. Before Bram died, his brother Edward suggested an album be made celebrating some of the many recordings Bram had conducted during his lifetime. The result is a fascinating distillation of Bram Gregson’s music life.

British Bandsman editor Mark Good speaks to Edward Gregson about his late brother and the new double album which celebrates his considerable musical legacy.


A brotherly bond is something to be treasured. It’s often – though not always – a close-knit connection, a friend and confidant to whom one or the other can turn when required. In the case of Edward Gregson and his late brother, Bram, it was a relationship which truly blossomed in adulthood; after all, Bram was nearly 11 years older and as such, had left home for National Service by the time his younger sibling was starting grammar school.

Though Bram and Edward spent decades living at opposite ends of the Atlantic Ocean after Bram and his wife emigrated to Canada, the pair’s bond endured. When Bram suddenly became seriously ill, Edward travelled to be with him and was there almost until the end. While understandably a difficult time, there was some solace in reminiscing during those final days and Edward has been determined to celebrate his brother’s musical legacy ever since. The result is a new, two-disc album called Bram Gregson and Friends, featuring recordings made under Bram’s baton with the bands – and guest soloists – he spent decades working with. Those happy days in Canada, however, stemmed from musical roots a little closer to home.


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Issue 6111 digital September 30, 2021