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Steve Jones: The Buddy Rich of banding

Thursday 2 September, 2021

Drummer Steve Jones has enjoyed a busy and successful banding career. Following a lengthy spell with Flowers Band, he has gone on to win a plethora of titles at the number one ranked band in the world, The Cory Band.

Brett Baker speaks to the veteran performer about his banding roots, his rise to the top and his work to inspire the next generation of young musicians.


Steve Jones enjoyed a somewhat random start to his life in brass bands. Hailing from the Royal Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire, he showed an interest in the drums from an early age. Steve’s father Geoff asked him whether he wanted to join Bream or Pillowell (the two villages either side of Whitecroft, where Steve lived at the time). Indeed, it’s the same village as composer Gavin Higgins and many other fine brass players, as just about every village and town in the area had a brass band. “Not having a clue what he was on about, I said Bream as it was closer to home,” Steve admitted. The year was 1986 – his banding journey had begun.


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