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Under the spotlight: Ffion Haf Morris

Thursday 26 August, 2021

The Cory Band has welcomed a new addition to the back row of its cornet section, with Ffion Haf Morris coming in to replace the long-serving Phil Harris, who has decided to hand up his instrument.

The 23-year-old comes from the village of Cwmgors, outside Ammanford, in Glamorgan, and chats to Rob Tompkins about her new position.


At the age of six you started your brass playing career playing the cornet. What is it about that instrument that you like?

FHM: Playing a brass instrument was something that was always part of the family due to my father being involved in the local band so he always used to take me with
him. In my primary school, I knew the brass teacher (Wayne Pedrick) very well so it was inevitable that I was going to be introduced to playing a brass instrument
at some point in my early years. The cornet stood out to me because I knew that more often than not, it has the melody line, which was so exciting. I distinctly remember listening to a recording of Roger Webster playing the solo Cleopatra and thinking that I would play that one day. The cornet has such a sweet and pure tone, which is probably the reason I fell in love with it. Also, it’s a lot more portable than some of the other instruments…


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