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Under the spotlight: Megan Giles

Thursday 19 August, 2021

As it returns to in-person music making, The Cory Band recently announced a new addition to its line-up in the form of new second horn player, Megan Giles. The talented 20-year-old, who’s from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, has overcome adversity on her way to performing with the world’s number one ranked band and shares her story with Rob Tompkins.


At the age of 10 you started out on your brass career playing tenor horn. After a brief move to French horn you returned to your original instrument. What is it about the tenor horn that you like?

MG: I think that it originally appealed to me as it was something a bit different and unique. When starting out, I didn’t know anyone else my age that played a brass instrument and I wanted to do something quite distinctive. The reason for switching instruments was due to needing operations on my arms which meant holding a tenor horn was not feasible. I transitioned to French horn to keep playing and worked with the Oxfordshire Youth Wind Band and Orchestra, which was a great experience. However, as soon as I could physically hold the tenor horn again, I reverted back as I enjoyed the instrument and the brass band community.


Do you have any stand-out moments in these early years that stick in your memory?

MG: Playing solos in school for the first time, and the encouragement as well as responses to those, was special. Also significant were the touring and concerts across Europe with Oxfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra and the wind band which although incredibly intense, were fantastic from a social perspective. Music for Youth with Wantage Youth Brass was also a standout moment as it was my first insight into a general contest setting and was great exposure to the contesting experience.


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