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David Pogson: The player's player

Monday 2 August, 2021

David Pogson’s playing career spans a remarkable 64 years and counting, 23 of which saw him perform as part of Black Dyke Band. Following his tenure with the Queensbury band, the respected flugel player would enjoy a further 19 years with Diggle Band. Brett Baker spoke to the 76-year-old about his lengthy and distinguished career in the world of brass bands.


The brass band world boasts many famous names, players involved in legendary recordings and contesting victories. One performer who doesn’t always receive the attention he rightly deserves is David Pogson, someone who rose through the ranks due to his combination of talent and, crucially, hard work, after catching the banding ‘bug’ at an early age.

David recalled: “I was born in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, and brass bands are very much identified with the area. At Whitsun, often on the Monday, local bands would parade and march in the local villages. I moved to a village called Golcar and would observe the marching and playing; I said to my father ‘I would like to do that’. He knew a Mr John W Morley, who conducted Linthwaite Band, who was one of the first peripatetic teacher to set up in the area and taught throughout the Colne Valley. I went to meet him after school and had lessons once a week. He was able to get me along to a local band at Scapegoat Hill (a local village near Huddersfield). Then a young female flugelhorn player at Linthwaite Band joined the services to play professionally and so left.”


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